Saturday, April 9, 2011

What I am working on now.

After "Oz" was over with, I told myself I wanted some down time since I was feeling burned out. Well, turns out going from being insanely busy to nothing wasn't fun. I thoroughly enjoy & love doing what I do, regardless of how tired I am, when I'm not doing make-up I feel like a useless side dish at a lame office Christmas parties. Imagine my excitement when my friend, Julie (who was one of my Oompa Loompas in "Willy Wonka"), offered me the make-up artist/designer job for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" or simply "Forum". My main focus is doing the make-up for the courtesans but will be available for make-up for the entire cast. 

I went to rehearsal today & met with the cast & crew, some of which I have worked with on prior productions, & meshed our collective ideas together. When I do make-up, in general not just stage, I want the actor/client to feel comfortable with making suggestions of where they would like the look to go even if they say that I can have complete creative control. Their input matters. I've some really wild & crazy ideas as well as somethings on the softer side. 

Prom season is here. FINALLY! One of my girls, Jessica R. (FAME/Wizard of Oz), has booked me for her Prom. Her dress is phenomenal. I had purchased "Teenage Dream" nail polish from the Katy Perry OPI collection & thought of her when I did since it is practically her dress in a bottle. Also, doing make-up for some clients that are going to a Naval Ball. 

April 29th is opening night for "Forum" & runs until May 29th. During that time frame, I have to decided if I can afford to attend the West Coast Haunter's Convention & take some workshops for the Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds. I am also pleased to announce that CSTOCK is going to be doing a black box production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in October (during the Haunted Fairgrounds). I was offered the MUA/Designer job back in January (during rehearsals for "Oz") but haven't be able to talk about it until CSTOCK announce their upcoming season. I am beyond excited that I am apart of this production & I fully intend on auditioning for it as well. 

Among the plays, proms, balls, I have 2 weddings & my series of workshops. Plus, I plan on going to school for Cosmetology & Esthetics. I will be posting designs for "Forum" & hopefully, some tutorials & reviews. 

Until next time.......Don't Dream It, Be It.


Jackie S.

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